Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Beautiful Play

Sometimes children's toys can be so beautiful they become an intrinsic part of the interior design despite it being by complete chance. Oh how we love the wonderful creations of Danish brand Maileg. Their instantly recognisable colours typical of Scandinavian design, the clean and simple lines, the immediate desire to hold and play. This is the magic of wonderfully, thoughtfully created toys.

Our collection of Maileg pieces is the biggest collection under one roof you'll find anywhere and this season we have lots of new designs about to added to the range. 
The new bunnies this season will arrive in their pretty underwear and with an extensive range of clothing to fit each and every one you can decide on their wardrobe choices. There's a new height of bunny being added to the collection too.
We've made sure we have lots of the bunnies and rabbits as you already know them too, because we know how much they are adored and how difficult they are be to find. 

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  1. Gorgeous pics! I bought one of these bunnies for my daughter a couple of years ago and so pleased that she still treasures something which I find so pleasing to the eye too.

  2. These are such beautiful rooms! The bunnies are very sweet x